Arrive Staffing Resources, Inc.


Employee Information

1) Recording your Time.
  Report all time to the nearest 1/4 hour.  Do not show odd minutes.

(2) Overtime.   Employees are permitted to work overtime only if the Client request and approves such work to the employee and Arrive Staffing Resources, Inc before such work actually occurs.

(3) Lunch.   Your lunch period will be determined by the supervisor whom you are assigned.  If you work a full day, law requires you take a minimum of one-half (1/2) hour for lunch.

(4) Timesheets. Completed timesheets are due in our office by 5pm Monday for the week prior. They can be faxed to the fax number on the timesheet. Please call if you are not able to submit your timesheet by the deadline.

(5)  Absence - Call Us Before Your Shift Begins. We will contact the Client.  If you will be out for a number of days it will be up to the Client to decide on replacing you or awaiting your return.

(6)  Future Assignments.   If you do not contact us after each assignment, we will assume you are not available for work.

NOTE:  In certain states, if you fail to contact us, without good cause, unemployment benefits may be denied.